New COVID-19 website for Brighton and Hove

Covid Brighton Hove

TDC has partnered with Community Works to launch a new online coronavirus help directory, providing trusted information on COVID-19 to residents of Brighton & Hove.

COVID Brighton & Hove is a new central resource which will be updated daily with the latest welfare advice, support offers, public health advice and all the vital rapidly changing information on COVID-19. It has a special focus on protecting and supporting the most vulnerable and excluded members of our communities.

We set up this website in coordination with Brighton & Hove City Council, health organisations and other local charities and community groups. The project was made possible by support from NHS Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group and Sussex Community Foundation.

The site addresses the needs of people in Brighton and Hove, focusing on the central question of “How can we help you?”. People can use the site to find help with everything from food shopping or getting a prescription, to coping with loneliness or finding advice about money and benefits. They can also use it on behalf of a friend, family member or neighbour who they’re worried about. 

Our Chief Executive Athol Halle said: “It’s vital that anyone who needs help has a place to go to get up-to-date information. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of which services are open and how to get hold of support. The website will provide verified information for everyone in the city, linking trusted sources together in a single access point.” 

Community Works CEO Jessica Sumner said: “The response to the coronavirus situation by charities, community groups, volunteers, the Council, and the NHS across the city has been incredible. While it’s been a really challenging time for lots of people, this crisis has also shown the best of the city and how we can work together to help each other. We hope that will be an easy-to-access website that brings everything together – from Mutual Aid groups to mental health support.”

You can find the site at


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