Linda’s farewell

A Goodbye from Linda…

After many years, I am leaving. TDC is a wonderful organisation of dedicated, driven people with so many skills, devoted to opening up the very best opportunities for the communities they work with. These colleagues and volunteers are the most massive asset and the part of leaving that I will find the hardest. Our organisation places enormous importance on striving towards equality and works tirelessly in the way we build our teams to acknowledge community development work as a profession. These are values which first attracted me to TDC and that I have positively identified with over the last 13 years.

So after 25 years in paid community development work all over the country, I am stepping out of paid work for a while. I wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘goodbye and thank you’ to everyone I have worked with in the city and beyond: The problems, solutions, projects and amazing community activists; door-knocking, surveys, research and reports; conferences, training, flipcharts and post-its; clouds, intranet and new technology; funding, bid-writing and partnerships. My diary. Team meetings, management meetings, pre-meetings…meetings! Friendships and like-minded people. I take all these warm memories away with me into the future and whatever I do next.

To my colleagues, partners and friends, you are all incredible people, doing miraculous things. Go well.

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