‘From Downs to Sea’ at Brighton Museum’s art gallery

The Trust for Developing Communities’ partnership with Brighton & Hove Museums on a community-curator’s project called ‘Select’, came to fruition on Friday 4th April when a new exhibition ‘From Downs to Sea’ opened in Brighton Museum’s art gallery.

TDC’s community development worker Clare Hopkins, has spent the last year supporting people in Portslade and West Hove to be involved in this project to choose works of art for the exhibition. The exhibition shows some very famous artists and evocative pieces.

The process of local community people becoming the curator’s for an exhibition like this is innovative and has been highly successful.

The exhibition was launched on Friday with speeches from Cllr Bill Randall and Cllr Geoffrey Bowden along with many of the participants who were involved.

You can see members of the group: Saskia Wesnigk-Wood, Dot Martin, Fran Whittington & Angie Pride on our home page photographic ‘slider’.

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