Social Prescribing Plus

What is Social Prescribing Plus?

Social Prescribing Plus is a free service in Brighton and Hove that links people to community services and groups to improve health and well-being, find new interests and hobbies and improve confidence and self-esteem.  We support people to identify and access local groups and services and to find information and services relevant to them. The service is funded by the NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group and focuses on non-clinical issues which affect health and wellbeing.

TDC are proud to be partnering with Together Co to deliver this service to people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

For more information see Together Co’s Social Prescribing Impact Report and Brighton and Hove Social Prescribing Providers network Gaps in Services position statement December 2020

Social Prescribing will help refer you to services which can help you feel better. These might include:

Groups, befriending and social activities
Housing benefits, financial support and advice
Employment, training and volunteering
Healthy lifestyle advice and physical activity

The service is confidential and provided by fully trained social prescribers.


How can I access Social Prescribing Plus?

If you are from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background please get in touch and our social prescribers will:

☑️ Contact you for an initial phone conversation
☑️ Spend time to understand the issues you’re facing
☑️ Discuss a variety of local services to support you – free of charge services if possible
☑️ Help you access the services to get the support you need

How Do I Get in Touch with Social Prescribing Plus?

Get in touch for a free informal chat with one of our Social Prescribers and we can help connect you to people or groups to improve your wellbeing.

Sayanti Banerjee – Bengali-speaking Social Prescriber
[email protected] | 07533 011 417

Maha Mustafa – Arabic-speaking Social Prescriber
[email protected] | 07445 183 142

Clare Abdel-Basit – Arabic-speaking Social Prescriber
[email protected] | 07307 681 053

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