BME Engagement Project


TDC are leading a new partnership approach to facilitating engagement with BME communities. TDC in the East and Centre of the city and Hangleton and Knoll in the west of the city are:

  • Supporting BME people to get involved in the ways that they want to.
  • Helping BME people to link with existing or set up new community / activities based on their interests and identifying (through the BME needs assessment) and developing relationships with key BME anchor groups and BME community leaders.
  • Providing support to these groups to develop their skills, confidence and independence, so they can in turn widen out support to new groups.
  • Identifying BME community learning needs and brokering support to meet need.
  • Working through anchor groups to each to engage with more isolated people.
  • Mapping and storing activities in a BME engagement database and sharing learning, skills and contacts over time to establish 3 BME engagement hubs in geographical localities (East, Central, West)
  • Establishing a citywide BME engagement network linked to Community Works’ structures.
  • Feeding BME views into all aspects of representation and involvement and to allow BME communities access and influence to BHCC and health structures.
  • Coordinating an annual BME stakeholder event, to develop key priorities and understanding of issues that can be used to feed into partnerships including the City Inclusion Partnership and back to BHCC. The event will be an opportunity for statutory services to come along and listen to the priorities of the community as well as enabling a wider dialogue around BHCC information needs.
  • Working together to improve communications across the city allowing and mitigating for additional barriers that different members will experience
  • Sussex Interpreting Services are providing guidance and support on the strategic use of interpreting and translation and participate in the BME engagement network.

For more information please contact:

Tel: 01273 234769
E-mail: [email protected]

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