Hollingdean and Saunders Park

Hollingdean is a district within the Hollingdean and Stanmer ward and is in effect the older part of Hollingbury. It includes the area boundedby Ditchling Road to the west, the eastern boundary of Hollingbury Park (including Moulsecoomb Station) to the east, and the junction of Hollingdean Lane and Ditchling Road to the south. Saunders Park Estate is also included in this area.
The population of Hollingdean and Saunders Park is 3,750. It is a mainly residential area, with many council houses to the east, with late 19th and early 20th-century terraced houses towards Fiveways, and some railway land, light industry, and warehousing. People generally like living in the area due to its relative proximity to the town centre as
well as Wild Park, Brighton & Hove's largest Local Nature Reserve which is a part of the South Downs National Park.

Key statistical data for the area indicates that:
• 65.4% live in areas ranked in the most deprived 20% of England
• 24.5% of children live in out of work households
• 43.8% lone parents
• 29% rate of child poverty
• 29.7% claim pension benefits
• 65.4% live in health deprivation ‘hotspots’
• 33.7% live in council housing and 47.5% social housing

In terms of public transport the 50 & 50U bus routes serve Hollingdean though the increasing cost of bus fares
acts as a barrier to travel for residents on low income. The area is very hilly creating additional difficulties for people with mobility issues, particularly when travelling short distances within the area as the bus service loops (in a single direction) around the estate. Being much smaller and near to Lewes Road, Saunders Park residents have a wider range of bus options.

TDC in Hollingdean and Saunders Park 

TDC has worked in Hollingdean and Saunders Park since 2008, helping address some of the challenges faced by residents. These include increasing opportunities for learning/sharing information, neighbourhood improvements (particularly sustainability and green spaces), reducing loneliness and improving access to activities and services.

TDC’s support differs from group to group, depending on the need and the issue. Groups start from a seedling idea, usually from one individual, and may need a lot of support from TDC. Our support includes practical tasks, member recruitment, capacity building, governance, fundraising, etc. Currently there are 22 established and active voluntary community groups in the area, with 80+ people involved in running them.

We work closely with the Hollingdean Development Trust (HDT), a charity led by a group of local residents which is dedicated to addressing issues of poverty, deprivation and education within the Hollingdean area. Over the last year we have been working together to develop a Neighbourhood Action Plan. TDC also supports HDT, to administer the Healthy Neighbourhood Fund (HNF) for Hollingdean and Saunders Park part of which involves convening the HNF Panel for the area: a group of resident who decide on which projects should be awarded funding.

Other work we are closely involved with in the area includes:

  • supporting the Hollingdean News, an independent group of residents who produce the local printed newsletter. We are also supporting Hollingdean News to develop an online presence, mainly through blog posts, Facebook and Twitter.
  • linking up and building partnerships in the area, working with a range of groups/services in Hollingdean and Saunders Park, to ensure their activities and services, reach and are inclusive of all residents. TDC also brings citywide services and providers into the area through citywide projects and TDC team members working in other neighbourhood within the city.

Ceza Da Luz TDC Community Development Brighton

Your Community Development Worker in Hollingdean and Saunders Park is Céza Da Luz

Hollingdean Community Centre, Thompson Road, Hollingdean, Brighton, BN1 7BH

Tel: 01273 234769

Email: [email protected]

Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton

“Thank you I would not know about the Older BME people meeting on Thursdays. I don’t think I’d come to the BMECP centre if it was not for this event.”

Local resident

“Well done for organizing the Community catch up - I'm really glad I came, it gave me lots of ideas. Ella said she was really glad she'd gone to the meeting too as she said she learnt a lot and also that you'd made her feel really important when talking and listening to her - thank you!”

Local resident 

“I am delighted to tell you that HDT Trustees wish to go ahead with the proposal to make library and digital facilities available in Hollingdean through the centre here.”

Chair writing to B&H libraries

Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC
Hollingdean Community Development Brighton | TDC

Featured projects

Hollingdean Development Trust

Charity led by local residents, dedicated to addressing issues of poverty, deprivation and education within the Hollingdean area. Supports smaller group in the area.

Hollingdean News

Local independent newsletter, set up as a charity. A team of volunteers produce and distribute the quarterly Newsletter, to over 3000 households. Hollingdean News online: www.hollingdeannews.org.uk and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hollingdeanBrighton

Friends of Hollingdean Park (FOHP)

A group of residents concerned about their local park. They are interested in improving the park in a sustainable way. They run volunteer days and generally look after the local park.

Hollingdean Ecological Action Project (HEAP)

A community led project to improve Hollingdean and green spaces. Plant and care for trees, increase opportunities for growing food locally and generally improve the local area.

CASE Central

To relieve poverty through the provision of services including free Welfare Rights Advice, free children's events, a social space, and free provision of food, clothes, books, toys and other items.

RJFP Hollingdean

Real Junk Food Project Brighton cafe in Hollingdean. Cooking healthy meals from food waste every Thursday. Pay as you feel café.

Hollingdean Yoga Group

Provides low cost, inclusive and friendly Yoga class to local residents in Hollingdean. The Hollingdean Yoga Group has been running for over 10 years, with a team of volunteers organising the weekly sessions. TDC recently helped the group apply for Healthy Neighbourhood Funding to pay for a set of bolsters to help with the postures.  Read more → 

Craftea Wednesdays

To bring people 50+ together to pursue arts crafts and drink tea/coffee in a friendly environment other members of the community. The group meets once a week and provides a friendly, sociable space for people to work on their own crafts or to get involved in a group project. The group is open to residents of Lindfield Court as well as non-residents and aims to reduce isolation. Read more →

Friday Fitness

A community group that provides a weekly, enjoyable exercise class to help residents keep fit and healthy in a supportive environment. All abilities are welcome.

Hollingdean Knitting Group

A weekly knitting group to bring people together to socialise and learn together provides a safe space to meet on a weekly basis, to support each other to share and learn through knitting and crochet.

Lucky Dip Fair

A Community Market and Fair twice per year with indoor in the winter and the outdoor in the summer. TDC helped residents set up the first few fairs, and they now run it on their own. Our former CDW said of the fair “A key thing about the lucky dip Fair is that it doesn’t cost that much. The Lucky Dip itself, as well as the tombola, cost just 50p to enter and there are lots of homemade goodies and prizes – so it’s not too expensive for parents to bring their families along”.

Other current projects

Off the Ground Task & Finish groups:

Refuse & Recycling
Living Environment
Planting up Hollingdean
Children’s Centre opening hours
Transport and Traffic
Saunders Park

Other Projects

Lucky Dip markets
Park survey
Tree planting
Improve entrance to National Park
Project Grow
Hollingdean Development Trust
Constituted groups – support

Our Partners

Active for Life
Brighton &Hove City Council - City Clean,City Parks and Transport
Brighton and Hove City Council- Parks and Rangers to redevelop Carden Park
Brighton and Hove Food Partnership
Brighton Permaculture Trust
The Hollingdean Development Trust

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