Youth Welfare at Brighton Pride

Brighton Pride Youth work

Brighton Pride returns to the city this August and the Brighton & Hove Youth Collective will again be providing a team of trained youth workers to look out for young people at the party in Preston Park. In 2017, over 300,000 people gathered in the city for the Pride parade and party, many of these … Read more

Reaching the boundaries

Last Autumn, Lewin Kjaer joined our youth team as a youth activities worker. Since then, he has been working in youth centres in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Brighton & Hove. Following the recent threats to youth funding, Lewin felt compelled to write this heartfelt piece about the difficulties young people face today, the … Read more

Cutting youth services now will cost the city more in the future

For every £1 we spend on youth work in the city, TDC, as part of the Youth Collective, calculate a saving to Brighton and Hove Council of £5.56 further down the line. Young kids who are being bullied; struggling with eating disorders; battling mental health issues; suffering abuse at home; dropping out of school; thinking about … Read more

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