Volunteer Filmmaker Opportunity

Brighton & Hove Older People's Festival TDC

**The deadline for this opportunity has now passed but if you are interested in volunteering to make a film with us, please drop us a line at [email protected]**

Volunteering opportunity for filmmakers

We at TDC are finding that storytelling through short films is becoming increasingly useful as a way of promoting our work, primarily to:

  • Tell the public about what we do, and
  • help illustrate the impact of our work to current and potential commissioners and funders

In Autumn 2017 our community development workers collected footage of older people talking about the positive impact they make within their communities. The highlights of this footage were made into a film which was shown at an event we held for the Brighton & Hove Older People’s festival in October 2017. Click here to watch the film. 

We now have the original unedited footage of 15 interviews which we would like to turn into 15 standalone videos. These would help inform people about our work with older people and the positive impact older volunteers can have on their communities.

We are seeking a number of volunteer filmmakers to edit this footage for us.

Each video would be posted on the TDC YouTube channel with full credits to the editor in the descriptive text and links to your own portfolio/ website if you would like. We will share the videos on our website and social media channels and they will be shown to our funders.


We are looking for a number of volunteers to donate their time and expertise to produce a two to five minute film from footage already filmed. We estimate a time commitment of 4-6 hours each. This opportunity might appeal to aspiring filmmakers wanting to practice editing films, or a media/ video agency looking to do some pro-bono work for a good cause. This would be a useful opportunity to work within the charity sector and gain an understanding of how charities can use short films to inform others about the work they do.

How to apply

Filmmakers and organisations interested in volunteering should contact Lyndsey by email at  [email protected] by Friday 23rd February sending us links to some of your previous work.

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