Your efforts really make a difference

Whether you want to compete in the triathlon, set up a quiz night or bake some cakes to sell, you can turn almost any activity into a fundraising opportunity for the communities we help. Every penny you raise goes towards supporting people of this city to improve their lives.

Check out some of the exciting events you could take part in - why not challenge yourself, and fundraise for us at the same time. We have special deals for entry on some events, and we'll support you all the way.

Contact us if you've got a fundraising idea you want to tell us about!

Fundraising pep talk - from one community to another  

The challenge is to make the most of your efforts - we know fundraising can be just as hard as taking part in the activity you have set yourself. Look around you though… work colleagues, friends from a club or social activity, even the parents you chat to in the school playground all form the kind of supportive community that we are building for people living in isolation, or who feel socially excluded. They believe in you, so if you believe in us, they will too.  

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