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Make it your business to support the people of Brighton and Hove

TDC rely on local businesses

We rely on businesses in the city like yours, not only for funding, but also for the skills you can bring to the table. The most effective way of supporting people in deprived areas is to help them help themselves. If you can educate or develop tools to help communities, provide us with space to bring people together or have time that you can invest into community development – let us know. It all helps.

Businesses like yours also rely on TDC  

You may not realise it, but our pre-emptive work - with young people, older people, BAME, LGBT, people with disabilities – all helps to shape the future of the city.  

Increasing crime, mental health problems, drug and alcohol dependency, gangs, poverty and other social problems are costly. They all have the potential to damage long-term ambitions for Brighton and Hove’s economic growth and prosperity. Businesses like yours need young talent, and you need a city that is attractive to investors and potential clients.

You can be part of the solution

For every £1 spent on TDC's young people, there is a net social return of £5.56. It is an excellent return on investment and is also an enormous saving for Brighton & Hove City Council who have to fund the additional policing, health services, homelessness support and community care needed to react to the social problems we face.  

Here are just some of the things you can do to help. To find out more about becoming a corporate partner, contact our Business Development Manager, Ruth Chapman.

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