Purple People Kitchen, Portslade

We have supported Food Banks in partnership with Fareshare, in three areas of the city. Purple People Kitchen is based in Portslade and has expanded into a café and catering.

‘The Food Bank helps me out at a time when I am finding it hard to pay my bills. I hope that in six months I will be able to look after myself. I like coming to have a chat and something to eat.’

From Downs to Sea

An exhibition resulting from the Community Curators project supported by TDC and in partnership with Brighton & Hove Museums, which involved the residents of Portslade and West Hove selecting works of art from the Arts Council Collection.

The project….‘enabled a small group of people to experience something entirely new and life-changing’
Wendy, Portslade resident

Coldean Strolling, Allotment & Shop!

‘The Strolling Activity got off to a good start then some wet weather made it difficult for wheelchair users. The raised bed we were tending to at Coldean Community Allotment got neglected as a result, but by July it had become a magnet to bees and everybody on the site was approving of this happy accident!’
Derrick Neilson, New Larchwood Activities Group Chair/strong>

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